Maintenance and parts to keep your business going

Designed and produced with maintenance in mind

For the furniture we design we have ease of maintenance in mind from the start. Because of our short lines to production and our modular design approach we can provide parts for all furniture we provide. Whether you have a large organization with a dedicated maintenance crew and you would like to have your spare parts on site or you have limited storage and you would like us to keep spares on hand, we’ll always find a solution that works for you.

For furniture that is mounted we strive to provide a quick swap mounting solution. This means cables and power lines can stay in place and the furniture can be swapped out in minutes without the need to (re)drill holes in your wall.

At Kunuk we believe in repair instead of replace. Repairable furniture is inherently made from higher quality materials. Although initial investment might be more substantial, over the lifespan a lot of financial and environmental costs can be spared. With transportation costs rising shipping in replacements that’ll only last for a little while quickly becomes expensive when with clever design and spare parts on hand fixing is easily achievable.

Please read more about our design approach here and contact us to discuss the best solution for your business.

Parts service

For all of the furniture we design ourselves, and for some of the products we sell we can sell parts as well. Before you decide to place an order we can specify the parts that we can supply. If so desired we can provide parts that are prone to damage or heavy wear for you to keep on site. Alternatively we can hold a number of spare parts for you in our own warehouse to be available for you when you need them. Please contact us to find a solution that will work for your business