Your restaurant, your style

Tables, chairs and more. Furniture made to your specifications.

From the moment the first idea for your restaurant sparked, you have an image in mind. A vision about its atmosphere, how it will look, the scents of the dishes you’ll prepare. At Kunuk we help you achieve your vision. Together with you or your own interior designer we can provide the furniture that will not only look the way you imagined, but will also work with you to help your business flourish.

Your furniture is the part of your business your guests will actually touch and interact with. If it’s done right it will naturally add to the experience. If it’s wrong, well, it will be noticed immediately. In the meantime well designed tables, chairs, benches or workstations actually will help staff do their job better, easier and quicker. Keeping them happy and allowing them to focus on providing service for your guests. Please read more about our design approach here.

Whether you need multiple of the same restaurant tables, chairs, bar stools, presentation shelves or benches from wood, steel or other materials we can provide almost every style and color you want for your restaurant. Please read more about materials and production options here

Custom furniture solutions for professionals. Indoor and outdoor.

Some areas need a custom solution that is made to measure. A bar, workstation, the main dining table an eye catching wall piece, with our own workshop and our production partners we can provide almost limitless custom furniture and interior and exterior solutions.

Integration of multiple functions to create a practical solution that can blend in its surroundings or perform as a stunning eye catching piece. This refreshing station provides open and closed storage space, space for a double door presentation cooler and a place to leave trash without opening a door.

Practical solutions to keep you in business

Kunuk provides practical solutions to help you run your business. Our cooler stands for example, increase the lifespan of your (outdoor) coolers significantly. This hardwood and pvc stand keeps the bottom of your coolers dry, even when you need to clean the floor, reducing corrosion.

With our own experience in hospitality and that of our network we naturally focus on furniture that not only looks good in pictures but will actually contribute to your business success. Please see some inspirational options below and let’s talk about what you need for your restaurant. Contact us here.