Interior & exterior solutions for your development project

We provide tailor made furniture solutions for property development projects. Our modular approach and parametric design enables you to offer a range of specifications within a fixed framework to your clients. Within the same design, sizes, colors, materials and finishes can be fitted to different property types or personal preferences. Learn more about our design approach here.

For holiday rentals or other property development we can provide furniture packages that can be customized to fit in different sized areas. For individual clients there are options to add functionality where desired. For example adding integrated lighting or USB charging ports, automatic under bed lighting for nightly bathroom visits, or higher than standard bed heights.

If you’re developing for holiday rentals you want to maximize your occupancy rates while keeping cleaning and maintenance manageable. We take this into account in our designs, for example by ensuring airflow through wardrobes at all times or making nightstands wall mounted to enable easy and quick floor cleaning. If desired we can provide spare parts for your maintenance organization to quickly change parts between check-out and check-in, keeping you in business. Learn more about our spare parts service here.

Coordination and management

Whether you are developing new real estate or renovating and restyling existing property, keeping track of all pieces of furniture is a real challenge. We can provide coordination and management services to help you make sure the right piece is in the right place. For renovation projects we can help assess what can be re-used as is, what needs structural renovation or what can be repurposed in another way. By coordinating restauration and maintenance, transportation and storage we can help lessen the workload in very hectic times. For your facility management systems we can setup numbering or barcode systems to enable you to track and trace individual furniture during its lifecycle.

Interior and exterior public areas

For the public areas of your property we can provide furniture that is suitable for public use, outside or inside. By choosing the right materials, coating or finishes we can provide solutions that can withstand the intense weather elements of the Caribbean. You can find more information about production and materials available here.