Furniture solutions to make your business thrive

Smart choices

Selecting appropriate materials and construction techniques are the foundation of the lifespan of furniture. What works great in a home for 5 years, might not survive the heavy use in a restaurant environment for a year. And for some items that is not a problem at all. Thinking about what needs to do what, for how long and under what circumstances beforehand will help you run your restaurant business more efficient and increase your returns. You budget is not limitless, so let’s spend it where it matters. Selecting the right pieces to have a shorter lifespan to have the ability to change your style in future and in the meantime freeing up budget for furniture that needs to be long-lasting and bulletproof can be a very sensible decision. We know where it pays off to invest in a grade A material, construction or finish and where good enough is good enough. For example investing in a proper table bases with a easy to change table tops will get you going for now and leaves you with opportunities at a later stage.

Smart design

Where possible we provide an interior or furniture solution that is modular. We do that to create possibilities for adding or leaving out functionality to offer you the best suitable solution. Furthermore it enables us to swap parts instead of the entire piece when they need maintenance or repair. It’s quicker and cheaper. Please read more here about our repair and parts service.

Our furniture designs are focused on their use. They need to offer a solution for all users. In a business environment that is not only your guest, that is you and your staff as well. Staff will spend their time interacting with the furniture. Adjusting, moving, cleaning. With our experience in hospitality we think about this already in the design stage. Eliminating areas where dirt can accumulate or making them easier to clean, considering ergonomics and weight for furniture that needs to be moved a lot, making furniture stackable or free hanging on a wall for easy floor cleaning. Saving your staff seconds or minutes in every interaction, every day, every week, every month, every year. Achieving better results in less time. Allowing them to be more efficient and focus on providing service for your guests.