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Furniture that suits your business

At Kunuk we design, make and/or provide furniture to help you to get the most out of your business. With our experience in hospitality, design, manufacturing and maintenance, we understand how furniture impacts your operation. It is where both guests and staff physically interact with your business. We therefore believe well designed furniture not only radiates your desired style, but also considers that they need to perform in a business environment. Where not only style, but also weather and wear resistance, comfort, ergonomics, logistic and routing, ease of cleaning and maintenance provide actual value in your day-to-day business. Whether you are running a hotel, B&B, restaurant or resort or your focus is on property development or you need furniture for your own business interior, we are happy to help the right solution. Please find an overview of our services below.

Selecting the right furniture at the right place is not always trivial. Not every corner requires a custom made piece, we can help identifying where a custom solution truly adds value to your operation and where off the shelf options are an excellent alternative. What has priority and what can also be a temporary solutions for now to keep running your business to be able to invest at a later moment. When renovating or remodeling we can make an assessment of your inventory and help you decide what to keep, what’s worth refurbishing and what to throw out or resell.

With your input and that of your interior designer, we can provide a plan to achieve your goals within your budget and timeline.

We believe that in a business environment furniture needs to be more than only looking good. If staff interacts with furniture, the design should consider logistics and ergonomics, to help them do their work easier, quicker and better. If furniture is (also) made for guests, the design should consider comfort and purpose, to let them enjoy the service you’re providing without distraction. If you’re running a business, maintenance, repair and spare parts should be available to keep you going with minimal delay.

We can design you furniture and have it made in house, by other local manufacturers or, for large quantities, directly from factory.

Whether you need one eye-catching custom made piece or 300 bed side tables for your hotel or property development project, we can provide the appropriate design and manufacturing. For small numbers and unique projects we can rely on a network of local manufacturers, that add both expertise and capability. For large projects we work directly with a furniture factory that has the capacity to manufacture our designs in large quantities.

Our flexibility in manufacturing options enables us to find the best solution for your business.

When you need furniture for your hotel, resort or property development it is rarely the case that every room is the same. Our digital design capabilities enable us to provide flexibility within a design. This parametric approach means we can make the same design you desire with different dimensions to fit every room perfectly. Also, as we work directly with the people who make the furniture, choosing different finishing options or colors within production runs is possible.

Materials, sizes, finishes and colors, we offer flexibility where you need it.

We provide designs and manufacturing options for a large array of materials. To be able to offer you the best solution regarding style, function, and maintenance, we can provide furniture with multiple types of solid wood, engineered wood products, stainless and regular steel, upholstered furniture and fabrics, plastics and composite materials. With our production partners we can provide many different finishing options in a wide selection of colors, including Poly Urethan coatings and powder coating.

Materials, sizes, finishes and colors, we offer flexibility where you need it.

As anyone who is running a business in this Caribbean climate fully understand; things will get damaged or break at some point. That’s why we consider maintenance from the start. The way parts are connected, can be made (inter)changeable, by choosing materials with renewable finishes, and selecting appropriate materials and coatings for their purpose and location. For every piece we make, we provide a product sheet documenting materials and finishes used. To make selecting the right way of maintenance in the future much more efficient. In addition we can provide spare parts for almost everything we supply, including custom pieces. When desired we can keep a certain quantity in stock to make sure you won’t lose any revenue over broken furniture. Keeping you in business and keeping your investment out of the landfill.

We can make maintenance easy, plannable and quick, and keep spare parts in stock to keep your business going.